FAMILY OF MAN 1968 to the present
a very private view

The fruit of 40 years of collecting and long decades of collaboration with international museums, the exhibitions staged by the Teutloff Photo + Video Collection in our new virtual museum can now be viewed, browsed and enjoyed by people all over the world!
The tagline of the TEUTLOFF MUSEUM - THE CONTEMPORARY FAMILY OF MAN - is inspired by the landmark historical "Family of Man" exhibition and commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art New York and curated by Edward Steichen from 1950-1955 which toured the world as an ambassador for visual understanding between peoples. 
In the TEUTLOFF MUSEUM leading international curators create exhibitions presented in settings appropriate to the subjects they engage with. It's a highly democratic and socially committed way to open up the Teutloff Collection to a wide global audience. 
In an unprecedented innovation, individual exhibitions will be staged in public buildings with a close connection to the particular theme under discussion. The first such exhibition, "The Face of Freedom" is set in the Reichstag, the German Parliament. This ambitious political show of photographs and videos is curated by Prof. Klaus Honnef.

Lutz Teutloff