'Cyberface REN' by Irene Andessner

The Teutloff Museum presents this exhibition from
01.02. - 30.04.17



Video installation 'Cyberface REN'

Curatorial introduction by Sabine Weichel:
Although "Cyberface Ren" was originally created almost twenty years ago, it already anticipates a future, which is echoed by the present fourth Industrial Revolution "Industry 4.0".
Meanwhile, cyber-physical systems (CPS) become more and more autonomous, making independent decisions on their own. This, in turn, demonstrates that Irene Andessner, as a pioneering artist could recognize the signs of the times early on and reflect them in her artistic work.
This video installation was already presented by TEUTLOFF at Art Forum
Berlin in 1999 and is more topical than ever.

Irene Andessner becomes a subject of reproducible and manipulable species, well-equipped with some algorithm of artificial intelligence. With the help of commands like "COPY", "IGNORE", "ERROR" and "RESET" she retains control over the manipulation, replication and elimination of her self-portrait.

Prof. Klaus Honnef comments: „Cyberface REN [is the] simulated reconstruction [of a bourgeois portrait] as a blank and pure surface in the digital age. The embossing die of a portrait turns into a user interface, open for all sorts of manipulation. Last but nor least, it produces human zombies, replaceable, without identity” (taken from the catalogue Irene Andessner 1984 – 2016).