'Kaaba' by Aidan Salakhova

The Teutloff Museum presents this exhibition
from 01.11. - 30.04.16

Exhibition film about the video installation 'Kaaba'

Philosophical comment

by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski ( professor of media theory at the Berlin University of the Arts and member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin), who has a Christian back-

How do you assess the role of Muslim women in Islam?

Neither Christianity nor Islam define a standardised apportionment of roles for women. Word-based religions are interpretations of master-texts, of a Holy Sripture. In Christianity it's the Bible and in Islam it's the Qur'an. Since Muhammad's time different images of women have been created and established. Today many different ideas compete for women's favours, which I welcome. 
The most beautiful and most powerful identities have a message to win.

Is it possible to reform this role internally?

There is no ‘Internal’ in a globalized network. Today and in the future no one can act in complete isolation. The inner and the outer world of states or religions are 
inextricably linked. Islam, like Christianity are urgently in need of change. Future is our space of possibilities, we should all be getting actively involved in.

How could this reform be taking place?

Open dialogues are the ways to improve future of religions, anything else will fail. A good dialogue requires participants who can convince with confidence with will to listen. Dialogue and violence are mutually exclusive terms.