Women: Powerful and Powerless

The Teutloff Museum presents this exhibition from
19.01. - 30.09.15




Curatorial Approach
by Sabine Weichel

One of the hallmarks of the TEUTLOFF PHOTO +
VIDEO COLLECTION is that although it’s focused on
the human body, it always carries a distinct political component.
This fact created the idea for a so far unknown vantage point on the Collection – a “woman’s view”  
became the new approach for a virtual exhibition.
Under the heading "Women: Powerful and Powerless" previously ignored or even discounted links between works and exciting new issues and areas of interest are opened – and I say this without any wish to enter the hotly contested ground of feminist polemics.
The feminine view of the collection moves in the field of tension between birth, religion, politics, sexuality, beauty and body protest.
It attempts to show how different women interact with those tools between power and powerlessness.

This virtual exhibition features works made by both female and male international artists and is for and about men and women worldwide.

Sponsored by Wemhöner Surface Technologies
GmbH & Co. KG