The Teutloff Collection gets its own Virtual Museum! The fruit of 40 years of collecting and many decades of collaboration with international museums, the exhibitions of the Teutloff Photo + Video Collection can be viewed, browsed and enjoyed in our new virtual museum by people all over the world!
>>>Edward Steichen's 'The Family of Man' expects a new generation!
471 work of arts from the Teutloff Photo & Video Collection now joins the CNA

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The TEUTLOFF PHOTO + VIDEO COLLECTION contains more than 900 works by over 300 artists from nearly 30 countries. The TEUTLOFF MUSEUM hosts this collection. With the title "The Contemporary Family of Man", 1968 to the present, the Collection refers to the famous pioneering exhibition by Edward Steichen. It offers a social, political, religious and, not least of all, global view of the human body.

While the TEUTLOFF MUSEUM  presents its virtual and local exhibitions, the Facebook presence deals with day to day events in connection with the Collection.

News, background reports and exclusive views of the Teutloff Collection only on Facebook! Everything that's worth knowing and more on the works and collecting activities and travels of Lutz Teutloff!