Palazzo Blu, Pisa
12.10.13 - 02.02.14

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Warhol in Drag Queen

Warhol’s interest in the world of transvestites is well known and he himself, as he writes in his diary, had not resisted the temptation to crossdress on various occasions.

But in this series of Altered images, as they were called by Christopher Makos (who assisted his friend in the Drag Queen operation), it was not so much the attempt to impersonate someone else as the desire to experiment

with different masks, to hide behind them in order to seek another self.
Makos took the photographs in two different sessions. In the first, a fashion make-up artist tried to beautify Warhol’s face and make it more feminine. In the second instead, they used theatrical make-up men, more able, according to Warhol and Makos, to understand the play of transformations and subtle shades of expression.

Concerning this series, Warhol wrote in his diary on October 29, 1981: 

“Christopher is having his photo show out in California and its going to highlight his photographs of me in drag… Time and Newsweek will probably pick it up and my reputation will be ruined, Again”.