from 25.4.13 - 26.1.2014

The SalzburgMuseumis hosting the internationally renowned Teutloff Collection, including nine video works by the artists Tracey Emin, Simone Häckel,Gary Hill,Micha Klein, Sigalit Landau, Bjørn Melhus, Osvaldo Romberg, Una Szeemann and PeterWeibel. But this particular show is special: namely, the Teutloff Collection was willing to enter into dialogue with the Ars Sacra exhibition,which presents a view of themuseum’s medieval art treasures. The result is a thrilling tour in which two narrative strands of the history of art and of contemporary art continually coincide and touch, the whole show spanning an arc across the centuries. Despite the different media of painting and sculpture on the one hand and video on the other, the interleaving of two collection complexes also owes its existence to the collecting concept of Lutz Teutloff. Through his keen attention to the image of the human body and the reflection of pictorial conventions,many of the works he has collected touch on lines of tradition whose formand iconography seem to be inscribed into the history of art.